Sustainable Approach


Shipping must become even more sustainable. Our expanded sustainability strategy, which we presented in November 2021, shows exactly what we will focus on and where we will increase our contribution. We have set ourselves concrete goals and by working towards them we will progressively enhance our contribution to sustainability and achieve continuous improvements. Our expanded sustainability strategy comprises three areas and focuses on eight topics overall.
Clean shipping
Greenhouse Gases
Clean Air
Sustainable Supply Chain
Diversity and society
Corporate Citizenship
Compliance and responsibility
Resource Conservation
Transport Care
Clean shipping
Climate neutral by 2045
With 253 vessels, Hapag-Lloyd is well positioned to make a lot of progress in sustainability in the area of “Clean shipping”. On the one hand, container vessels are already the most efficient means of transport when it comes to transporting large quantities of goods. However, their operators also bear a great responsibility. The three issues of “Greenhouse gases”, “Clean air” and “Sustainable supply chains” play a vital role here. Climate change is and will remain the greatest challenge of our time and it is absolutely clear that container shipping also has to play its part in decarbonisation so that the goals of the Paris Agreement can be achieved. In this context, Hapag-Lloyd is intensifying its efforts to reduce the CO₂e intensity of its entire fleet by 30% compared to 2019 by 2030. On top of that, Hapag-Lloyd aims to be climate-neutral by 2045.
Diversity and society
Promoting diversity
The second area of our sustainability strategy, “Diversity and society”, covers the topics of “Diversity” and “Corporate citizenship”. We want to exploit the potential of diversity even more, because diverse teams are more creative and more innovative. They represent different points of view and open up better growth opportunities for companies. Under the heading “Corporate citizenship”, we define in detail how we will further cultivate Hapag-Lloyd’s role as part of society and where we will increase our social engagement.
Compliance and responsibility
Conserving resources
The third area, “Compliance and responsibility”, focuses on the topics of “Resource conservation”, “Transport care” and “Biodiversity”. It comprises our solutions for socially and environmentally responsible ship recycling, as well as the safety of our crews, our cargo and our environment. We go beyond legal requirements for them when it comes to, for example, our internal dangerous goods regulations. The “Biodiversity” topic covers Hapag-Lloyd’s impact on global waters and the corresponding international regulations on ballast water management and the protection of marine mammals.